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Product Details

Messer CraftBlade CNC has been developed bringing in 117 years of Messer experience in handling all the basic cutting needs in the smaller plate formats which can be used for Training & producing small thermally cut parts.CraftBlade is technologically a superior product , professionally designed & engineered meant to make the plate cutting task simplified, affordable and easy to learn.


Are you looking for an economical machine which gives full power in a small area? For simple plasma cuts, just oxyfuel or also both combined? With the new MetalMaster 2.0 you will get Messer quality at a unique value for money Price.


The most economical access to the quality and support of the Messer World: This is the ProBlade, the first Messer’s global machine.

Summarizing: with the ProBlade you have value for money, uncompromising performance and, of course, the Messer quality at a reasonable price.

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