Plasma Cutting

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Plasma Cutting

plasma cutting

Plasma cutting was originally developed for the thermal cutting of materials which were unsuitable for flame cutting, such as high alloy steels or Aluminum. Today, the process is also used for the economical cutting of thin, low alloyed steels.

Key Features:

  • Low investment cost
  • Low running cost
  • Easy to use
  • Positive bilateral longitudinal drives for good acceleration
  • Reliable automatic hight sensing
  • 35 m/min drive speed saves time between cuts
  • No moving parts in the laser resonator
  • Completely maintenance free

Process Details

Plasma Bevel Cutting

plasma bevel cutting

Bevel cutting requires an exact knowledge of the machine and the cutting processes. Corners, lead-ins and run-outs have to be cut with special sequence if the required quality is to be achieved. Bevel cutting also places high demands on the programming of the cut parts. Special auxiliary functions are needed to set the units up for bevel cutting.

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